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The word vaping is about the practice of "smoking" e cig for a taste of the vapor it releases, similar to the word smoking which is about the act of "smoking" a traditional tobacco cigarette that discharges air into the environment. It remains unknown though which of these two is preferable for you because the e-cigarette is yet to be verified by the FDA, although it is recognized that the electronic cigarettes have none of the harmful substances that are contained in regular tobacco cigarettes.   


Vaping e cig juice is turning out to be a familiar trend as evidenced by the growth of companies that sell these non-reusable cigarettes. Companies that have been manufacturing and promoting the product are trying to take advantage of a strained consumer market, which is hurting because of the latest economic recession. Because the prices of cigarettes have risen in majority of the states to include the rising taxes on tobacco merchandise, smokers are forced to switch to something that is a lot cheaper just to keep getting their nicotine fix instead of totally giving up the habit. Just like the nicotine patch and the nicotine gum, the e-cigarettes offer smokers an alternative approach to cigarette smoking.   


The disposable e-cigarette is so designed that it looks almost like the traditional cigarette. Since the tip of the e-cigarette gives off vapor, it looks no differently than the regular variety in a smoker's hand. Smokers who intend to stop smoking and begin vaping will continue to give the impression that they have not kicked off the habit, and it enables them to better deal with the stress that is related to quitting. Vaping is relatively a new trend and so it not an ordinary thing as of now. 


As a growing number of smokers get to experience the bliss of breathing in the nicotine needed by their body, even in an indoor public place, producers and marketers of the electronic cigarettes are very likely to see their profits soaring before long. Up until now, it remains unknown though whether or not vaping can have adverse effects to the health of an e-cigarette smoker in the long term. The government is now aware that vaping is becoming increasingly popular, and so the FDA has expressed more interest about carrying out researches concerning the consequences of vaping and e-cigarettes. In the meantime, vaping is officially permitted in all public institutions. Also, the cost of electronic cigarettes is obviously cheaper than that of regular tobacco cigarettes.


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